GO VEGGIE Introduces Lactose & Soy Free Deli Cut Slices

North Kingstown, RI — GO VEGGIE, the first and finest makers of better-for-you cheese, goes artisanal with new GO VEGGIE® Lactose & Soy Free Deli Cut Slices. Created for more than 108 million Americans with special diets looking for healthier ingredients, better nutritionals or to avoid food allergens, new GO VEGGIE Deli Slices have 40% more calcium and 50% less saturated fat than ordinary cheese. Made from coconut and rice, these Deli Slices are full of cheesy flavor but free from lactose, cholesterol, soy, gluten and preservatives. And they are only 50 calories per slice.

“We’re entering a new segment, going after new users with an all family and adult offering. Our Deli Slices are a thick deli cut – a more natural, more artisanal alternative to our existing range of individually wrapped singles. They have unique, bold flavors and a cheesy bite right out of the package or melted on your favorite burger or wrap,” said Whitney Velasco-Aznar, Vice President of Marketing for Galaxy Nutritional Foods. “And our nutritionals stack up and topple the competition. What’s more, GO VEGGIE is not only the first cheese alternative but the first cheese with Sriracha – a hot flavor that’s become a household staple. So no matter how you slice it, our Deli Slices are simply the best around,” she concludes.

Now available in conventional and natural grocery stores nationwide, GO VEGGIE Deli Cuts come in two flavors, White Cheddar and Sriracha. Each 7.5-ounce pack contains 10 ¾-ounce slices and has a manufacturer suggested retail price of $5.99. GO VEGGIE cheese alternative products may be found in produce, dairy or the natural set depending on the retailer.


Over 40 years ago Galaxy Nutritional Foods Inc. created the cheese alternative category for health-conscious consumers and is proud to remain America’s leading provider of great tasting cheese-free products. Today, under Galaxy’s new brand GO VEGGIE, the company continues to innovate and offer consumers more healthy cheese-free choices. Across its product portfolio – Vegan, Lactose Free, and Lactose & Soy Free – GO VEGGIE offers 55 products across the US and Canada in many formats.

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Source: GO VEGGIE®