Good Culture: Meet The Brand On A Mission To Bring Back Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese can be one of those polarizing foods—you either love it or hate it. I reside in the former camp. So, when a friend introduced me to Good Culture, one of the most delicious cottage cheeses that I have ever put into my mouth I was curious to learn a little more about the brand.

Launched in 2015 by Jesse Merrill and Anders Eisner, the brand is on a mission to bring cottage cheese back. When asked why cottage cheese, Merrill tells me, “Cottage Cheese is a nutrient-dense, high-protein, overlooked super-food. The sleepy $1.1B cottage cheese category had become stale and boring. The category lacked innovation and relevance, so we decided to create a better cottage cheese that would resonate with today’s consumer."

Curious to know why cottage cheese had fallen out of favor in the first place Merrill continues, “Cottage cheese was bigger than yogurt in the 70s, but the category stopped innovating, and yogurt stole the show. We are bringing relevance back to the category with a product that ticks all of the boxes in terms of what today’s consumer is looking for. We only use real food, simple ingredients—the majority of the competition is loaded with additives like gums, thickeners, stabilizers, and chemical preservatives. Our cottage cheese is less polarizing from a texture standpoint, as we have created a proprietary small and soft curd recipe that results in a thicker, creamier cottage cheese that isn’t slimy or soupy. Real food always tastes better. And, we offer a single-serve fruit on the bottom range to support today’s active lifestyle shopper that is constantly on the go."

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