Hälsa CEO Says Hands-On Work Saved Oat Yogurt Business Amid COVID Shutdowns

Hälsa Foods, the purveyor of oat-based milk products, is among the many small businesses across America that faced a reckoning this year as coronavirus-related shutdowns destroyed the manufacturing and distribution processes it had worked hard to secure. Although it was almost wiped out of existence by the onset of the pandemic, Hälsa seems to have turned a corner,  said company co-founder and CEO, Mika Manninen.

Hälsa Foods, according to the CEO, had massive plans at the top of the year that included expanding into nearly 4,000 stores. After shutdowns hit several industries integral to its production and distribution chains, it “suffered greatly and lost, at one point, 90 percent of our business,” Manninen said.

The business has since climbed back but getting on track again was no easy task. According to the CEO, the process was like watching “an infomercial from hell. Just when you thought you went over one hurdle — but wait! There’s more.”

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