Harmons Statement on Fairlife and Coca-Cola

SALT LAKE CITY–Following allegations regarding the treatment of animals at one of Fairlife’s affiliated farms, Fair Oaks Farms, Harmons Neighborhood Grocer opted to suspend the sale of Fairlife products at its stores on Friday, June 7.

“Harmons is passionate about the ethical treatment of animals,” said Harmons VP of Sales Todd Jensen. “We felt immediately removing the products from our shelves was the appropriate action. After seeing the following response and actions being taken by Fairlife to make the appropriate changes to address the mistreatment of animals, Harmons is now more confident in offering Fairlife products again in its stores.”

Accordingly, Harmons will reintroduce Fairlife products at its stores on Friday, June 21, with the understanding that Fairlife is taking these immediate actions to reinforce its commitment to the humane and compassionate care of animals:

• Fairlife is committed to auditing all 30 of its supplying farms by July 6, 2019, as part of its updated auditing program – audits are already underway

• Fairlife is increasing the frequency of its audits to 24 per year for each of our supplying farms, all of which will be unannounced

• Fairlife is requiring that all supplying farms’ employees are re-certified in animal welfare training on an annual basis

• Fairlife is requiring all its supplying farms to commit to a zero-tolerance policy on animal abuse, which will result in termination of any employees caught abusing an animal and, if appropriate, investigated by law enforcement