Haverton Hill Creamery To Launch Sheep's Milk

Petaluma, CA – Haverton Hill Creamery, a new family farm located in Petaluma, CA, is leading the nation in the launch of bottled sheep’s milk. The first to offer bottled sheep’s milk for sale in the USA, Haverton Hill 100% Sheep’s milk offers considerable health benefits over traditional cow’s milk, goat milk and other dairy options.

“Sheep’s milk has been a staple at our family table for a long time now. The health benefits are amazing and our kids love the mild, slightly nutty, subtly sweet flavor.” Explains Missy Adiego, Co-Owner, Haverton Hill Creamery. “We kept thinking, this should be available in the grocery store for other families to enjoy. Then we thought, let’s make it happen!”

Sheep’s milk is naturally homogenized, easily digestible and is the perfect alternative for people with lactose intolerance. Containing three times more protein than cow’s milk, sheep’s milk is high in calcium, low in saturated fat, and contains higher percentage amounts of vitamins A, D, E, B12, Folic acid and up to 2x as many minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorous. All this plus a mild, creamy subtly sweet flavor makes Haverton Hill 100% Sheep’s Milk a healthy alternative to traditional milks.

“Ours is a family farm in the truest sense and it has been such a special experience to work together to bring this delicious sheep’s milk into people’s homes,” Missy continues. “Being the first in the nation to offer this product makes it extra exciting. It is really a labor of love for us and I really believe that comes through in the product.”
Haverton Hill 100% Sheep’s Milk is being distributed in Whole Foods and other independent Northern California retailers. Available in 1 Quart reusable glass bottles, visit http://www.havertonhill.com/new-page/ to learn where to buy in your area.

About Haverton Hill:

Here at Haverton Hill we pride ourselves on living the simple farm life while utilizing the latest technology to ensure we produce the best products possible. We bottle our 100% sheep’s milk on-site at our 378 acre farm in beautiful Sonoma County. Our 900 East Friesian dairy sheep are bred specifically for milking and give us the creamiest, tastiest milk every day of the year. Bottling our milk directly at the source captures a farm fresh flavor that is more pure and clean than other milks you will find in the grocery store. Straight from our farm to your table.

Sales Contact: Missy & Joe Adiego Owners Haverton Hill Creamery havertonhill@gmail.com www.havertonhill.com 707-665-5457

Source: Haverton Hill Creamery