How Technology is Helping Chobani Conquer the Dairy Case

Chobani has enjoyed a steady growth trajectory ever since its first container of yogurt hit store shelves in 2007. Its product line has expanded beyond the flagship Greek yogurt, and the company, based in Norwich, New York, has earned raves for its innovative, progressive approach. But in 2017, Parag Agrawal, Chobani’s chief information officer, knew the business had to confront a looming impediment to further growth: its outdated technology systems.

Chobani’s tech infrastructure—including its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which helped the company administer critical operations such as supply chain management, finance, HR, and customer relationship—was a patchwork of different platforms and subsystems. As the company’s operational needs grew, new software and hardware components were tacked on to the existing systems. The technology helped support Chobani’s growth, but at an increasing cost. “It was becoming a painful procedure for us to even maintain those systems,” Agrawal says.

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