IDFA, NMPF Oppose Proposed Raw Milk Bill In Virginia

IDFA and the National Milk Producers Federation sent a letter last week to Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services opposing proposed legislation that would loosen restrictions on the sale of raw milk to consumers in the state. The bill would allow consumers in Virginia to purchase raw milk through herd-sharing ownership agreements. The bill, H.B. 825, also would remove existing regulations prohibiting sales of raw milk for consumption. Currently, herd share programs in Virginia are unregulated.

“The scientific arguments remain strong and unchanged: Consumption of raw milk is a demonstrated public health risk,” said IDFA and NMPF in the letter. “The scientific consensus is that raw milk can cause serious illnesses and hospitalizations, as well as result in life-long negative health complications and death.”

The letter highlighted a 2016 E.coli outbreak in Virginia, causing 14 people to become ill. The outbreak was linked to raw milk that consumers were able to access through a cow-share program.

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