IDFA’s Michael Dykes: Misleading Claims Link Cheese to Cancer

A few years ago there was a movement in California to put a cancer warning on coffee. Imagine your morning cup of joe with skull and crossbones? Before that, there was an attempt to slap cancer warnings on breakfast cereal. And before that, it was rice — which happens to be the most consumed food in the entire world. And now, activist groups looking to promote plant-based diets and destroy the dairy industry and the livelihoods of dairy farmers everywhere have targeted cheese with their unproven, misleading claims that cheese is linked to breast cancer. Of course, they chose National Breast Cancer Awareness Month — a time when we should be focused on raising awareness about legitimate prevention and causation — for this scaremongering campaign.

Perhaps Halloween would be a better choice, though, considering this is one big trick played on the public.

This group has even petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to put a cancer warning on cheese — CHEESE! — and cajoled some media into covering their specious claims under the guise of public service by trotting out so-called medical professionals to support their positions. The problem is, the legitimate medical community and the legitimate health research community do not support their position nor do they put credence in their conclusions.

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