John Brunnquell Named President Of Organic Egg Farmers Of America

WARSAW, Ind. — John Brunnquell, founder and president of Egg Innovations and the Blue Sky Family Farms brand, was elected president of the nationally-acclaimed Organic Egg Farmers of Association for the 2016-2017 year.

The organization strives to grow the organic egg industry with integrity, a mission Brunnquell himself is closely aligned with.

"I'm thrilled to be elected as the president and move many of our priority action items forward, including more humane, ethical standards for egg production in our industry," said Brunnquell. "I am committed to creating more awareness about animal welfare and educating America on why freedom tastes better." 

The Organic Egg Farmers of America collaborates in the production of eggs in a nonbiased, ethical way to maintain the organic standards and cultivate an honest environment to better the entire egg industry.

From the ongoing threat of Avian Influenza to the rapid expansion of Cage Free egg production, Brunnquell has an active year ahead of him. His goal continues to be expanding awareness and knowledge about animal welfare, with a pursuit to move more farms in the United States to Pasture Raised or Free Range in the future.

Brunnquell has served as a board member of the Organic Egg Farmers of America for the last five years. He is a third generation farmer and entrepreneur. Most recently, under his leadership, Egg Innovations launched the new brand, Blue Sky Family Farms, which is now in more than 750 grocery and specialty stores.

More about Blue Sky Family Farms
The Blue Sky Family Farms brand, proudly presented by Egg Innovations, produces "Ethical Eggs for the Humane Race." Egg Innovations is the nation's largest 100 percent Free Range and Pasture Raised egg company that believes in moving animal welfare forward and bringing family farming back. For more information, please visit and

Source: Egg Innovations