June Dairy Month: LaClare Family Creamery

When you think June Dairy Month, mainly we think of cows, but they aren’t the only reason we’re called America’s Dairyland. Wisconsin also has the most dairy goats in the United States!

In honor of June Dairy Month, I stopped at LaClare Family Creamery in Malone, WI to see how things work on a dairy goat farm. When I got there I was greeted by Clara Hedrich, one of the owners of the creamery. Dairy has always been a huge staple in her life. “I grew up on a dairy cow farm…my husband and I founded LaClare Family Creamery. Dairy has been in my background forever,” Hedrich said.

Clara brought up how many people it takes to make the products they have. You need a milking team, the plant team that puts the milk into the bottles and makes the cheese, and then you have the retail store team. They all have to work together to create the best product possible. She said that the popularity of goat meat and milk is huge in other countries, but it’s growing in the United States.

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