Koita’s New Organic Almond + Coconut Milk Created By Italian Baristas

CHICAGO – Koita Foods is excited to announce the newest addition to its line of shelf-stable, premium Italian plant-based milks: Organic Almond + Coconut.

Organic Almond + Coconut offers a unique blend of organic almond and coconut milks. Created by Italian baristas and great for frothing, it’s a smooth and luxurious addition to any coffee drink. Koita’s Organic Almond + Coconut Plant-Based Milk is non-dairy, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and free of carrageenan.

“I’m so excited to bring our new Organic Almond + Coconut Plant-Based Milk to the US,” said Koita Foods’ Founder Mustafa Koita, who was born in New Jersey and grew up in Chicago. “We worked with four Italian baristas to make this creamy, frothy blend that is guaranteed to level-up your coffee game.”

Koita’s plant-based milks offer a 100% pure, clean taste. That’s because these creamy, shelf-stable milks are grown, produced and packed in Italy. They are made with ingredients grown in the Italian Alps, which boasts one of the purest soils in the world. It’s that nutrient-rich soil that leads to Koita’s incredibly delicious set of plant-based milks.

The almonds in the Organic Almond + Coconut are ethically sourced from family farms in Italy, and the coconuts are sourced from Thailand. All of Koita’s milks are produced in Italian factories that follow strict cleanliness guidelines.

Like all flavors of Koita Plant-Based Milk, the Organic Almond + Coconut is shelf stable at room temperature. That’s because the milks are steam-treated using an innovative process that retains taste and extends shelf life. Koita is sustainable, with Tetra Pak packaging that is recyclable and shipments that arrive by sea to ensure a lower carbon footprint.

The full line of plant-based milks is currently rolling out in the Northeast, available in 1-liter (SRP $5.99), shelf-stable Tetra Pak packaging and 6-pack cases. 

Koita products are now on the shelves at Morton Williams, Balducci’s, Crosby’s, Kings Food Markets and LaBonne’s Markets, to name a few. All flavors are also available online at amazon.com and on Koita’s website at koita.com.

Koita products are also available in 10 other countries, including on Emirates Airlines, at Four Seasons Hotels and Marriott Hotels abroad, several Eataly locations, and at Barry’s BootCamp locations in Dubai. They are also on the shelves at Carrefour and Waitrose.

About Koita Foods

Koita Foods is a family-run, minority-owned, international business. American expat Mustafa Koita, a dynamic and fearless entrepreneur raised in Chicago, founded the company in 2013 after moving to Dubai and discovering that healthy milk options were not available locally. Inspired by a genuine desire to help families eat healthier, the company sells organic, lactose-free and dairy-free milks at 1000+ retailers across 10 emerging markets spanning the Middle East and Asia. Now rolling out in the U.S., Koita’s line of premium, Italian plant-based milks is non-GMO, shelf stable and uniquely clean tasting. In addition to several grocery chains and independent grocers, Koita milks are available on amazon.com. Visit Koita’s website at koita.com and follow @koitafoods on Instagram and Twitter.