Land O Lakes is Releasing Maple Butter

I think we can all agree that butter and maple are two of the most important breakfast items. Both make pancakes, waffles, and bacon even more delicious. This new Land O Lakes product is about to take over the breakfast scene: maple butter. MAPLE. BUTTER.

Instagrammer @candyhunting posted about this amazing butter combo, but the product is not yet out on shelves. The photograph of the packaging does say “Limited Batch” so when these tubs start rolling out, you should probably act fast. There’s no telling how long the maple butter will be available, if it will come back seasonally, or if it’s a one time thing.

No exaggeration, I want to put this on everything. On a plain piece of toast, lathered on a heated piece of banana or pumpkin bread, or as a way to grease a pan before making pancakes for an added hint of maple. @Candyhunting suggested this butter on a sweet potato and I’ve never heard anything more genius.

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