Land O’Lakes Spreadable Butter Ingredient List Is Short And Sweet

Arden Hills, MN — Weve heard it over and over again. If you cant pronounce
the ingredients listed on a food product, think twice before you purchase it.
And where ingredients are concerned, less is more.

Thats why more and more consumers are turning to LAND O LAKES Spreadable
Butter with Canola Oil with only three pure, natural and simple ingredients —
sweet cream, canola oil, and salt — all of which are easily pronounceable.

With LAND O LAKES Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil, consumers dont have a
long, complex ingredient list to decipher, says Peggy Ellingson, Vice President
of Marketing. Where many spreads have as many as 17 ingredients, our delicious,
spreadable butter with canola oil has only three, she adds.

Consumers are looking for purity and simplicity. Thats precisely what they get
with LAND O LAKES Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil, says Ellingson. When a
consumer picks up our product and reads the ingredient list which more and
more consumers are doing today — its immediately apparent that theyre
purchasing a product thats natural, wholesome and free of any artificial
additives or preservatives, she adds.

Made with LAND O LAKES Butter, canola oil, salt, LAND O LAKES Spreadable
Butter with Canola Oil addresses the number one consumer need in the butter
category: the taste and wholesome, simple goodness of real butter with the
convenience of a spread.

LAND O LAKES Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil spreads beautifully over hot
toast, freshly-baked blueberry muffins, fluffy pancakes, delicious waffles and
flaky croissants. Its ideal for topping a piping hot baked potato or your
favorite vegetable. Consumers can enjoy how soft and easy it is to spread
whether they try the 8-ounce tub or the convenient 15-ounce tub.

LAND O LAKES Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil can be easily found in grocery
stores across the U.S. for a suggested retail price of $1.79 for the 8-ounce tub
and $3.99 for the 15-ounce tub.

About Land OLakes

Land O’Lakes, Inc., a Minnesota-based food and agriculture company, is a leading
supplier of quality dairy products. In 1921, Land O’Lakes began making butter
from sweetnot sourcream. Ever since that breakthrough, the company has been a
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