Lenten Indulgences Include Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Before Vatican II, meatless Fridays were the rule 52 weeks a year. With the
arrival of Lent the meatless rule for many is back. Fish and meatless spaghetti
will fill countless Friday plates.

For those Lenten observers who seek an alternative, there’s cheese. Make that
grilled cheese. Crisp, brown and oozing with American cheese, the grilled cheese
sandwich is a delicacy in my opinion, especially when served with tomato soup.

With or without the soup, grilled cheese is now considered retro. In some trendy
bistros it’s even considered gourmet. Appearing on menus as melts or disguised
as toasted cheese crostini. All variations of the original grilled cheese that
confirm the irresistible flavor duo of toasted or grilled bread and melted

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