Mikawaya USA Introduces Perfect Portions Of Mochi Ice Cream In New 2-Pack

LOS ANGELES — Mikawaya USA is making it easier to indulge in sweet treats responsibly by offering Mochi Ice Cream in a new, perfectly proportioned 2-pack.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for dessert lovers to make smart choices when it comes to including sweets in a well-rounded diet," Frances Hashimoto, President of Mikawaya USA, said. "Our new 2-pack makes enjoying a single, 100-calorie serving of Mochi Ice Cream convenient, smart and fun."

Mochi Ice Cream is a unique, Japanese-inspired novelty with rich, creamy ice cream wrapped in sweet rice dough. There are six flavor choices that come in the 2-pack size that include the more traditional chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and Kona coffee, but also venture into more Asian-influenced flavors such as mango and green tea.

Consumer trends show that smaller, portion-controlled desserts and snacks are demanded for a variety of reasons: health-conscious consumers are making smarter decisions for healthier diets, parents want smaller portions for their kids and convenience still reigns when it comes to grocery shopping. The new Mochi Ice Cream 2-pack answers these trends and allows consumers to easily share their dessert experience with a friend.

In addition, the Food Channel published the "Top Ten Dessert Trends for 2010" and coming in at number 8 was the "Okay, Just a Bite" trend which emphasizes the growing popularity of smaller, bite-sized desserts. With its creamy ice cream center, and chewy, sweet rice dough, Mochi Ice Cream falls under this category and allows consumers to satisfy sweet cravings sensibly.

To find a local retailer that sells Mochi Ice Cream or to order online, visit http://www.mochiicecream.com.

For more information visit http://www.mochiicecream.com or contact Nurit Kotick at 626.240.0285 or [email protected]

Mikawaya is a 100-year-old family-run business that specializes in the creation of fine Japanese pastries and desserts. Run by third-generation owner Frances Hashimoto, Mikawaya offers snack and dessert-lovers alike an alternative to traditional ice cream.

Source: Mikawaya USA