Milk Is Still The Big Cheese Of Canada's Dairy Aisle, But Perhaps Not For Long

Milk: It does a body good. Many of us remember this popular branding campaign from the 1980s, but the sentiment about the health benefits of milk behind it still holds true today. And for many years, milk was the poster child for good health in the dairy section. But in Canada, milk is moo-ving over as select solid options like cheese and yogurt are claiming the spotlight.

In fact, yogurt and cheese are really milking Canada’s dairy channel for all it’s worth. During the past year, total volume sales of yogurt rose 4%, and cheese saw grate sales volume growth of 4%. Comparatively, milk sales declined by more than $25 million during the same period.

Why are yogurt and cheese sales growing? While they could have a dairy godmother watching out for them, the uptrend in sales is more likely the result of current snacking trends. Both cheese and yogurt were listed as top snacking categories for Canadians in a recent global survey report on snacking trends.

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