MilkPEP Uses AR Snapchat Lens to Promote Fortnite Gaming Experience

As part of its push to reach video game fans, milk processor education program MilkPEP created Zany Ziplines, a mini-game available in Epic Games’ massively popular battle royale title Fortnite.

To promote Zany Ziplines, MilkPEP partnered with agency Gale to create a gamified Snapchat lens that challenges people to collect milk-themed power-ups as their character moves through an in-game environment. The lens is designed to be an “interactive trailer” for the Fortnite experience.

The Zany Ziplines lens gives players 30 seconds to collect as many milk-related power-ups as they can (things like cartons and gallons of milk) while avoiding energy drink cans. During each game, the player’s character will move forward automatically, and players can tilt their device left and right to move their character across the screen to pick up or avoid objects. The player’s face is placed in a circle at the top of the screen as they play.

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