Mooove Over Iced Tea, Lemonade and Cold Brews – The Coolest Way to Break The Summertime Heat is an ice Cold Glass of Milk: Fairlife Survey Results – Part 1

Overview of Survey:

Sip it? Chug it? Dunk virtually anything in it? With so much out there on varying attitudes surrounding milk, fairlife commissioned a new survey to uncover America’s feelings and attitudes toward milk. And as you’ll see, summer is milk’s hottest season!

Survey Results Summary:

Overall, the survey found that the glass is half full – of milk! In fact, nearly three quarters of Americans still reach for classic dairy milk over other alternatives. It’s not just the nostalgia of childhood milk mustaches that have us craving traditional dairy milk – 40% of people say it pairs best with (some unexpected) summertime favorites. Hint: Many Americans are pouring a glass of thirst-quenching milk as they light up the grill.

And it’s not just jumping in the ocean, pool or lake that have Americans saying “ahhhh” to beat the heat – as we head into summer, 60% of Americans turn to milk as a “great refreshing drink” with 1 in 7 people willing to try dunking at least one of these three BBQ favorites in milk: bacon, BBQ ribs or hot dogs.

Key Findings:

  • Milk is the Ultimate Nostalgic Memory that Is Just as Beloved Today:
    • OG dairy milk isn’t going out of style – 77% of respondents prefer classic dairy milk over non-dairy alternatives such as barley milk, oat milk and others.

You’ve heard of comfort food; the no. 1 comfort beverage is smooth, refreshing and satisfying – milk!

  • A staple at the dinner table, in cereal bowls before grammar school, and creating the iconic frothy mustache, 72% say they have positive memories, emotions or nostalgia of drinking / consuming milk as a child.

                                        ▪    Men (78%) were more likely to rate memories positively compared to women (68%).

  • Summertime’s Coolest Drink:
    • 60% of people think milk is refreshing for hot days.

                                        ▪    Men are more likely (67%) than women to agree (54%).

▪     Westerners (67%) and Northerners (66%) were more likely to cool down with a glass of milk than Midwesterners (58%) or Southerners (57%).

  • 40% of those surveyed enjoy milk at a summer BBQ – Nearly half (49%) of Westerners enjoy it over 33% of Southerners. o Men were 2x more likely than women to consider dunking BBQ foods in milk.

▪     Other dunkable foods are on the sweeter side: donuts (51%), brownies (49%), and apple pie (26%).

  • Some of Americans’ other unexpected milk pairing preferences are also perfect for summertime occasions:

                                        ▪    20% spicy snacks

                                        ▪    18% burgers

  • Midwesterners were the most likely to try a milk and burger combo (23%) compared to other regions.

                                        ▪    15% fried chicken

  • Midwesterners were also 2x as likely to try this pairing than the rest of the U.S., on average.

                                        ▪    13% steak

o      You may not initially think of milk when you hear “shaken or stirred” – surprisingly nearly half of adults fancy using milk in their favorite cocktails (43%).

Survey Methodology:

  • Who: Gen Pop US
  • Sample Size: n=1,002
  • How: online survey
  • When: 5.6.22 – 5.10.22
  • Margin of Error: Gen Pop MOE of +/- 3%, 95% Confidence Level