National Dairy Month 2018: Texas Dairies Committed To Keeping Milk Safe

When you buy a gallon of milk at the store, do you wonder if it’s safe to drink? Probably not, and with good reason. Pasteurization may have been invented 154 years ago, but it’s still the best, and only, way to kill potential disease-causing bacteria in milk. As a result, pasteurized milk and other dairy products purchased in a store rarely pose danger of sickness from harmful bacteria.

June – National Dairy Month – is a good time for dairy farmers such as myself to let the public know that we’re committed to keeping them healthy and safe while drinking milk from our farms, or eating cheese, ice cream or other food made with that milk.

Numerous steps are taken during milk’s journey from farm to store to ensure its safety. Each one is important, but pasteurization is key. In fact, dairy farmers believe it’s such a critical step that most of us only feed our families pasteurized milk, even though we have an abundant supply of milk straight from the cow on our farms.

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