New Campaign Reminds Canadians that Dairy Farmers are ‘Here for Canada’

OTTAWA – Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) launched a new marketing campaign which reassures consumers that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, dairy farmers are still ‘Here for Canada,’ producing high-quality Canadian agricultural food products. ‘Here for Canada’ reassures Canadians about the comprehensive safety protocols followed on Canadian dairy farms, and provides an uplifting look at how farmers are adapting to the circumstances to feed the nation and donating more than $5 million to food banks across Canada to help families in need.

Targeting millennial and gen-Z consumers as well as the broader population, ‘Here for Canada’ demonstrates how real Canadian dairy farmers are working through difficult conditions to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of Canadian dairy.

“Dairy farmers are working harder than ever to help feed Canadians at one of the most formidable times in our history, while maintaining their rigorous commitments to milk quality, food safety and responsible production practices,” said Pamela Nalewajek, Vice-President, Marketing, DFC.  “We wanted to highlight Canadian dairy farmers’ exceptional efforts to provide consumers with high-quality Canadian dairy in this challenging environment.”

In accordance with the advice of public health officials and farm safety protocols implemented to prevent human-to-human transmission of the COVID-19 virus, DFC created the campaign videos using previously captured footage featuring some of the proud Canadian dairy farmers who have participated in past campaigns.

The two-week campaign will launch April 23rd and run until May 5th and will consist of television and digital ad placements in both English and French.

To view the campaign videos, click here.

Dairy Farmers of Canada is the national policy, lobbying and promotional organization representing Canadian dairy producers. DFC strives to create stable conditions for the dairy sector in our country. It also seeks to maintain policies that promote the sustainability of Canadian dairy production and promote dairy products and their health benefits.