New Hampshire’s Contoocook Creamery to be Featured in HISTORY Television Series

CONTOOCOOK, N.H. — On April 4th, the Robertson family, owners and operators of Bohanan Farm, the home of Contoocook Creamery, will add TV stars to their job descriptions.  They’ll join 150 members of their community to watch the premier of the HISTORY television series “The American Farm”, in which the family’s life on their dairy farm is depicted.  The Robertson family is one of five families featured in the eight-part series to launch on Thursday, April 4th at 10pm ET.  The family will watch the first episode live at Cole Hall at the University of New Hampshire.

“The American Farm” presents an up-close look at one full year of family farming told through an unprecedented year on the ground, capturing breathtaking visuals, private moments and personal interviews.  Bohanan Farm, home to the Robertson family, was established in 1907 along the banks of New Hampshire’s Contoocook River.  The farm is now in the hands of the fourth and fifth generations.  Brothers Si, Nate and Bram – with their jovial attitudes and bushy beards – will be a staple presence in the HISTORY series.

Evolving and growing over the years, the farm now consists of more than 440 acres of land and is home to 200 milking cows.  The Robertson’s utilize environmentally-sound practices in their fields, and modern-day cow care techniques in their barns to keep their animals and land well fed, and well cared for.

In early 2011, the farming family made the decision to launch Contoocook Creamery to combat low milk prices.  Using milk from their own cows, the family now produces and sells cheese and glass-bottled milks.

Each day the Robertson family strives to uphold their time-tested values.  “We want folks across the country to see what modern-day dairy farming looks like,” explained Si Robertson.  “We work to be a modern dairy farm that produces milk of the highest quality with the most efficient and environmentally sound practices available.  The well-being of our cows is the most important factor here at Bohanan Farm.  We understand it takes happy, healthy cows to produce the high-quality milk we take so much pride in.”

While producing and marketing its own dairy, Bohanan Farm is a member of the Northeast dairy cooperative Agri-Mark.  Agri-Mark farmers own Cabot which is a nationally recognized, award-winning brand that produces cheese, yogurts and other products.  Excess milk at Bohanan Farm is sent to a local Agri-Mark plant where it may be used in their Cabot dairy foods which are sold across the country.