Ohio’s Own: Buckeye Milk

Just sitting there in the dairy cooler, the plastic jug might look like it’s full of your regular, run-of-the-mill chocolate milk. But it’s not. Buckeye Country Creamery has one-upped everyone in the chocolate milk game: it makes Buckeye Milk.

As someone from the Buckeye State, you already know what this means: peanut butter chocolate milk. It’s both, in one glorious taupe-colored concoction. You already know how this is going to taste, but for the deliberately naive, Buckeye Milk is sublime, supremely sweet and smooth, chocolatey, with just a hit of roasted peanut in the background. It’s like chocolate milk with more body.

Buckeye Creamery hails from Ashland. Its website mentions that its products are non-homogenized and pasteurized in a vat. That means shaking the milk before pouring is a good idea, to better distribute the cream on top. There are evidently several flavors in its line-up, which at times includes cookies n’ cream and blueberry. In terms of the buckeye version, the label is a little cryptic regarding the secret formula. Once you get past the milk, sugar and cocoa, you’re down to stuff like “natural and artificial flavors.” Artificial isn’t all bad, of course: it allows the creamery to promise a non-allergen peanut butter flavor. That opens doors to those who might otherwise be shut out from all the peanut buttery chocolate goodness.

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