Plant Veda Unveils New Yogurt Product Line PlantGurt

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Plant Veda Foods Ltd. (CSE:MILK) (OTC:PLVFF) (XFRA:A3CS6B) (the “Company” or “Plant Veda”), an award-winning dairy-alternative food manufacturer, is pleased to announce that the Company unveiled a new product line, PlantGurt, at Planted Expo where thousands of attendees had a first hand look at the probiotic spoonable yogurt alternative. 

Planted Expo, with an estimated 8,000 attendees, is an annual inclusive event in Vancouver, B.C., for anyone passionate about health and wellness.

One tub of PlantGurt (spoonable yogurt) contains billions of probiotics. Recently Markets&Markets, explained “the global probiotics industry alone is estimated to be valued at US$61 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach US$91 billion by 2026.” 2

Made with simple whole food ingredients, including unsweetened and sweetened with natural agave with lean plant-based protein. Spoonable yogurts serve as a perfect snack, a base for breakfast bowls, cereals, smoothies, and so much more.

PlantGurt is currently available for purchase on Plant Veda’s website here and is expected to be available for purchase in retail stores in early 2022.

“The quality, taste and texture of our new PlantGurt product reflects the years of research and development that were dedicated to it – I couldn’t be prouder of our team,” stated Vanita Gurnani, Co-Founder and Director of Product Innovation. “With PlantGurt we will be able to address the largest product format in the yogurt market – the tub. The PlantGurt product line will initially feature 3 flavours, plain unsweetened, mango, and blueberry, and is expected to be available in stores early next year.”

Mayur Sajnani, Chief Revenue Officer of Plant Veda, went on to say, “our product was met with rave reviews from our distributors and brokers that visited the show. I expect the new line to be a large contributor to growth when commercially launched into the retailers over the next few quarters. We are looking forward to the next few quarters.”

About Plant Veda (CSE:MILK) (OTC:PLVFF) (XFRA:A3CS6B)

Plant Veda Foods Ltd. has a mission to accelerate humanity’s shift to a plant-based lifestyle. We remain clear in our goals, which is to improve the environment and humanity’s overall health through plant-based consumption. Our Company has succeeded in creating award-winning plant-based dairy alternatives, continuing shaking up the dairy-free market by creating unique, one-of-a-kind products that leave our customers forgetting about dairy to begin with.

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