Prairie Farms Introduces New Single Serve Size Milk Flavors

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. – Prairie Farms Dairy announced today that it is bringing new single serve 14-oz. milk flavors to the marketplace. Designed for longer shelf life, visual appeal, and cohesive identity – the new bottles bring innovation and flavor to a popular milk category.  

It’s clear that consumers are seeking ways to enjoy great tasting beverages with convenience. Sales trends show that consumers prefer the convenience of smaller packaging and multiple flavor options. Prairie Farms’ new 14oz. milk flavors offer the best of both worlds.  

“We know consumers want products that offer quality and convenience for fast-paced lifestyles,” said Rebecca Leinenbach, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Prairie Farms. “Our new single serve milk bottles are perfect for grab and go situations while also providing great taste.”  

Recent sales trends show consumers are shifting away from skim and low-fat products in favor of full-fat or whole counterparts. Many of Prairie Farms’ new 14-oz. milk flavors, including chocolate malt, strawberry, chocolate peanut butter, and salted caramel, will feature whole milk to meet this need. They’ll also present a new look, including full-color, shrink-wrapped bottles to help consumers select their favorite flavors at just a glance.   

“With the launch of 37 specialty milk flavors since 2015, Prairie Farms leads the industry with unmatched milk flavor options,” said Leinenbach. “The new bottles will further showcase our multitude of great choices.”   

Prairie Farms’ award-winning milk is sourced from local dairy farms across the Midwest. Flavored milk uses only premium ingredients and no artificial growth hormones, colors, or high fructose corn syrup. Milk is naturally packed with protein, calcium, and vitamin D – essential for maintaining strong bodies.  

The new 14-oz. milk flavors are rolling off the line now and are available in the dairy case at your favorite grocery and convenience stores. To view our full line of products, recipes, and awards, visit  

Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. is one of the largest and most successful dairy cooperatives in the Midwest, with over 800 farm families, 6000 employees, 44 manufacturing plants, over 100 distribution facilities and annual sales of over $3 billion. Prairie Farms is a nationally recognized leader in the dairy industry and is known for setting the standard for milk flavor innovations and producing award-winning milk, cheese, and cultured dairy products. With headquarters in Edwardsville, Ill., the Prairie Farms distribution footprint covers over 30 percent

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