Revenue and Profit of Dairy Giant Yili Up in the First Three Quarters of 2020

BEIJING — On October 29, Yili, the Asian dairy giant, posted RMB 73.77 billion in revenue and RMB 6.044 billion in net profit for the first three quarters of 2020, a solid year-on-year increase of 7.42% and 7.00% despite the challenging conditions.

The business figure reflects the strategic improvement of the overall industry chain. The firm offered RMB 5.2 billion in financing from January to September 2020 to support the upstream suppliers with capital, technical services, good breeding cows, and forage planting, etc.

In addition, the industrial leader provided donations and protective supplies to help its partners across the industry chain.

Yili also undertook alternative retail models, online retailers, social marketing, O2O home delivery and unmanned convenience stores to ensure its continued providing of nutrition and health to the consumers during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Pan Gang, Chairman and President of Yili, highlighted the importance of consumers to Yili’s future development: “Consumers are fundamental to the business growth, and everything we do should be centered upon our consumers.”

As one of the Top 5 Global Dairy, Yili upgraded its corporate culture in early 2020 to attract talents from different countries with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds to support the long-term healthy development of the firm.

The core values of Yili are Excellence, Accountability, Innovation, Win-win, and Respect. Yili aims to become the world’s most trusted global healthy food provider.