Ripple Foods and NBA All Star Jrue Holiday Team Up to Spotlight Plant-Based Products Delivering Top Athletic Performance

BERKELEY, Calif. — Today, Ripple Foods announced a partnership with Milwaukee Bucks Guard All Star Player Jrue Holiday, a loyal fan and champion of the brand. Aligning with Ripple’s mission of “Dairy Free Done Right” – a belief that good food should taste great, nourish your body, and leave a small footprint on the planet – Jrue is highlighting Ripple’s portfolio of products that have helped him become a top performer both on and off the court.

As a leader in the plant-based dairy space, Ripple continues to stay at the forefront of innovation with its wide assortment of plant-based products, including milk, half & half, protein shakes, and frozen desserts. Made from protein-rich yellow peas, Ripple products are also good for the environment – requiring significantly less water than almond or dairy milk for production. The company’s staple beverage, Ripple Milk, exists to deliver a delicious product that is a good source of protein with less sugar. In fact, Ripple Milk has eight times more protein than almond milk and half the sugar of dairy milk.

“Ripple products have played an important role in my family’s personal health journey,” said Holiday. “Leading up the playoffs, it has helped me to reach the peak of my performance. Ripple Plant-Based Protein Shakes have become my go-to post-game recovery drink because they have the right amount of protein and nutrients that my body needs to promote muscle recovery and growth, while still offering a perfectly sweet and smooth texture.”

Ripple Plant-Based Protein Shakes are packed with twenty grams of clean plant-based protein per serving. They are soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee, they are shelf-stable for easy storage and travel. 

“As an elite athlete in the NBA, we’re thrilled to have Jrue champion our products and stand with us in our mission,” said Laura Flanagan, Chief Executive Officer at Ripple Foods. “Our belief is that going dairy-free and shifting to plant-based foods shouldn’t be a sacrifice in taste or nutrition. While our plant-based protein is especially appealing to athletes, Ripple has helped consumers far and wide achieve a healthier lifestyle.”

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About Ripple Foods

Berkeley-based Ripple Foods is a leader in developing innovative and delicious dairy-free products. Using protein from yellow peas, Ripple Foods creates creamy and protein filled products like Plant-Based Milk, Protein Shakes, Half & Half, and Frozen Desserts. Ripple delivers Dairy Free Done Right, meaning you don’t have to compromise on taste or nutrition. It’s what dairy-free milk should be – great tasting, nourishing to your body while leaving a small footprint on the planet. Sustainably produced and using significantly less water than dairy and other dairy alternatives, Ripple is built on the truth that even the smallest actions can have far-reaching impacts.

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