Sargento Foods Announces New Sunrise Balanced Breaks

PLYMOUTH, Wis. — Sargento Foods is continuing to innovate the refrigerated snack kit category with the launch of Sargento® Sunrise Balanced Breaks®. With more consumers seeking morning snacks that deliver convenience, satiation and balance, this new series brings an on-the-go snack that consumers are craving. It combines delicious and nutritious natural cheese and other ingredients like walnut oat granola, quinoa clusters or maple pumpkin seeds.

“Mornings can be hectic, and consumers are looking for ways to start their day on track with a morning snack that delivers convenience in a delicious way,” said Stephanie Meyer, Senior Marketing Manager of Sargento Foods. “Sunrise Balanced Breaks® offer a unique balance of ingredients, flavors and textures to start your day on the right track.”

Balanced Breaks® have been a major success for Sargento driving 28 percent growth in 2018. This latest endeavor comes as an effort to innovate the company’s portfolio and meet consumer demand for the morning snack occasion. 

Sunrise Balanced Breaks® are made with 100% real, natural cheese paired with flavorful ingredients, making it the perfect morning combination. The morning snack series provides 6-7 grams of protein and 10-15 percent of the recommended daily amount of calcium, and comes in four tasty varieties that will help give a delicious start to the day:

  • Natural Double Cheddar Cheese, Vanilla Blueberry Quinoa Clusters and Blueberry Juice-Infused Dried Cranberries
  • Colby-Jack Natural Cheese, Coconut Clusters with Seed Medley and Dried Cranberries
  • Natural Medium Cheddar Cheese, Raisins and Maple Pumpkin Seeds
  • Monterey Jack Natural Cheese, Walnut Oat Granola with Dark Chocolate and Golden Raisins

The new Sunrise Balanced Breaks® can be found at retailers nationwide in the dairy aisle. For more information and product availability, please visit You can also stay up to date on the latest from Sargento on Facebook @SargentoCheese, Twitter @SargentoCheese and Instagram @sargentocheese.

About Sargento Foods Inc.:
With 2,300 employees and net sales of $1.4 billion, Sargento Foods is a family-owned company that has been a leader in cheese for more than 65 years. Founded in 1953 in Plymouth, Wisconsin, Sargento created the world’s first successful pre-packaged sliced and shredded natural cheeses. Today, Sargento Foods is still based in Wisconsin, where they manufacture and market amazing shredded, sliced and snack natural cheese products, as well as ingredients and sauces. Company leadership lives to serve local communities and employees, whom they refer to as the Sargento Family.