Sargento Foods Debuts Creamery Sliced and Shredded Cheeses

PLYMOUTH, Wis. — Sargento Foods has launched Sargento® Creamery Sliced and Shredded Cheeses, a new line of real, natural cheeses that deliver an amazing melt thanks to the addition of real cream. These cheeses add a creamy texture and meltiness to your favorite dishes and are the perfect choice for cozy, indulgent, at-home meals or any backyard barbeque.

“With consumers seeking more comforting, satisfying foods, our Creamery Shreds & Slices bring rich texture and full flavor to any at-home meal. They are the perfect addition to any home cook’s favorite dishes,” said Chip Schuman, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Consumer Products for Sargento Foods. “Sargento has a 68-year history of innovation and we are proud of our track record of bringing first-of-its-kind products to the dairy case. The Sargento® Creamery line continues that innovative spirit – three generations after our company began.”

Creamery Sliced Cheeses are 100% real, natural cheese that bring an amazing melt to your favorite sandwiches and burgers thanks to the simple addition of real cream. Available in:

  • Creamery Sliced Natural Cheddar Cheese, 10 Slices
  • Creamery Sliced Baby Swiss Natural Cheese, 10 Slices

Creamery Shredded Cheeses are real, natural cheese that deliver melty, rich texture in family favorites like casseroles, mac and cheeses and more thanks to the simple addition of real cream. Available in:

  • Creamery Shredded 3 Cheese Mexican Natural Cheese, 6 oz.
  • Creamery Shredded Natural Cheddar Cheese, 6 oz.

The new Sargento® Creamery Sliced and Shredded Cheeses can be found online and in the refrigerated section at major retailers nationwide. For more information and product availability, visit You can also stay up to date on the latest from Sargento on Facebook @SargentoCheese, Twitter @SargentoCheese and Instagram @sargentocheese & @sargentofamily.

About Sargento Foods Inc.
With over 2,000 employees and net sales of $1.5 billion, Sargento Foods is a family-owned company that has been a leader in cheese for more than 65 years. Founded in 1953 in Plymouth, Wisconsin, Sargento is proud to be the company that successfully introduced America to pre-packaged sliced and shredded natural cheeses and cheese blends. Today, Sargento Foods is still based in Wisconsin, where they manufacture and market amazing shredded, sliced and snack natural cheese products, as well as ingredients and sauces. Company leadership lives to serve local communities and employees, whom they refer to as the Sargento Family.