SGS Produce Debuts a New Dairy Program – “Keep It Fresh and Save Money”

SGS Produce (Shapiro, Gilman & Shandler Inc.) is expanding their dairy program and incorporating several Alta Dena products onto their list. They are currently stocking gallons, half gallons and quarts of milk, offering to its clients the convenience of a more frequent and much less expensive delivery routine. Milk varieties include whole, low-fat, nonfat, buttermilk and half-half, besides other products such as manufacturing cream, heavy whipping cream, cottage cheese, sour cream and eggs.

SGS Produce does not require a minimum order from its clients, and the milk can be added on to the regular produce order. The milk comes from Alta Dena Dairy three times a week in cardboard boxes, facilitating the storage process and eliminating the inconvenience of the old empty milk crates. 

Following the standards of excellence that are usual to SGS Produce, dairy business specialist Richard Ziff was brought up on board and will be carefully managing the clients with dairy requests. Richard brings more than two decades of experience in Foodservice working for US Foods, LA Specialty and West Central.  He has launched dairy programs at all three distributors.  

For detailed information about the products, special order or stock, please contact Richard Ziff at or 213-593-1200 x157