Shatto Milk Co. Satisfies Kansas City’s Clamoring For Locally-Made Cheese

Osborn, MOA 60 year-old Missouri dairy farm, known largely for its
glass-bottled milk, has initiated a farmstead cheesemaking operation that has
Kansas City customers eager for locally made artisan cheese.

The three-generation family farm, Shatto Milk Company, is located here about 50
miles north of Kansas City. The company supplies bottled fluid milk in various
flavors from white to root beer, as well as butter, ice cream and egg nog in
traditional and pumpkin spice varieties.

About a year ago, Shatto Milk began offering Cheddar curds to its customers
which people from Missouri were unfamiliar with, according to Leroy Shatto,
owner and chief executive officer, Shatto Milk Company.

Picture Caption: The cheese makers at Shatto Milk Company cutting curds of their
washed-rind artisan cheese. The companys new line includes fresh and aged
Bandaged Cheddar, Gouda, Havarti and Port Salute.

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