Shatto Milk Company And Crescent Ridge Dairy (In Boston) Agree To Fun AFC Championship Wager

Osborn, Missouri – Shatto Milk Company, the premier local dairy provider serving the Kansas City market, has challenged three New England area dairy producers to a fun wager on the AFC Championship Game this weekend.  After reaching out via social media to a few dairies, Crescent Ridge Dairy in Boston responded showing their belief in their Patriots.  

If the Chiefs win the game on Sunday, Crescent Ridge owner will Facetime Live himself enjoying a bath in a full tub of Crescent Ridge Dairy Milk, fully clothed and full submerge while announcing that Kansas City has the best football team in the AFC.  Once he is dried off he will be sending the good folks at Shatto some fresh lobster as well as some of their newest cold brew coffee milk.

If the Patriots win the game on Sunday, Shatto Milk Company will Facetime Live themselves enjoying a batch in a full tub of Shatto Milk, fully clothed and full submerge while announcing that New England has the best football team in the AFC.  Once complete, Shatto will be sending the good folks at Crescent Ridge some of the best BBQ in the country as well as a bit of Red Velvet Milk for them to enjoy.

“We love Kansas City and and the Chiefs, like so many other in this region.  We thought this would be a fun way to create a friendly wager with some friends in Boston.” Said Matt Shatto.  “At the end of the day, we are confident the Chiefs will be headed the the Super Bowl and we will get to see these good people in Boston enjoy a true Milk Bath while admitting KC is is the best.” 

About Shatto Milk Company
The Shatto Family began delivering farm-fresh milk from their local family farm to select supermarkets in June 2003.  The Shatto’s also opened a Country Store at their dairy and began offering tours of their local family farm and bottling facility.

Shatto Milk Company uses milk only from its own cows.  The milk is processed into whole, 2 percent, 1 percent, skim, chocolate, rootbeer, strawberry, banana, and orange flavors, butter and cream.  The Shattos have added ice cream, fresh cheese and award winning aged cheeses over the course of the last 7 years.  For a list of the supermarkets carrying Shatto Milk Company products or to inquire about carrying this new product, contact Shatto Milk Company at (816) 930-3862 or visit their website at