Silk Introduces Silk Oatmilk, Refreshed Formula and Look

Silk has re-introduced Silk Oatmilk with refreshed packaging and formula in four SKUs.

Silk Oatmilk is now available at grocery stores nationwide for an MSRP of $3.99. Flavors include Original, Extra Creamy, 0g Sugar, and Vanilla. More on nutritional details here.

Silk Oatmilk starts with oats that are grown in sun-filled fields. After harvesting, oats are ground, soaked and slow cooked using a unique process; one that unlocks a smooth, mouthwatering taste. From there, Silk’s oat goodness is blended with filtered water, vitamins and minerals.

Silk Oatmilk is versatile and can be enjoyed in cereal, in smoothies, in coffee or straight from the glass.