Smith Brothers Farms Adds The Greek Gods Yogurt To Its Product Offering

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Greek Gods Yogurt partners announced today its products will be carried by Smith Brothers Farms, a thriving dairy and home delivery service that brings quality products to more than 40,000 customers in Puget Sound. The Greek Gods Yogurt will be available through Smith Brothers Farms beginning in November.

Were delighted to be part of Smith Brothers Farms select offering of premium products, Basel Nassar said, one of three partners of 3 Greek Gods, LLC. This partnership is a natural fit on many levels: like The Greek Gods, theirs is a
family business, offering fresh, premium products, and its a Puget Sound
company; customers asked for The Greek Gods Yogurt–which is much creamier than
traditional yogurt–and were thrilled to see Smith Brothers Farms responding

Located in the historic Kent Valley, Smith Brothers Farms is a locally owned and operated company serving the Puget Sound community for more than four generations. Started in 1920 by Benjamin F. Smith, it has grown from a one-cow
farm to become one of the largest independent retail delivery companies in the region, delivering the freshest, finest milk and other products. It is one of last remaining home delivery companies in the country, delivering products to more than 40,000 homes from Mount Vernon to Olympia every week.

The Greek Gods Yogurt, hormone-free with five live and active cultures including probiotics, has gained cult status and a loyal following. The entire Greek Gods product line is comprised of Pagoto Ice Krema (made in the Greek tradition with mastic resin) in Baklava, Honey-Pomegranate and Chocolata Fig flavors; Lebni (a spreadable kefir cheese-yogurt) used as sour cream and cream cheese; and its popular yogurt, which comes in 6-ounce individual packages (one nonfat and five
whole fat varieties) and in 24-ounce family packs. More info on the line can be found at

The Greek Gods