Taste Test Results: Silk is America’s Best-Tasting Original Oatmilk, Joining Community of G.O.A.T.s

Broomfield, CO   A national taste test recently declared Silk® as the best-tasting Original Oatmilk1, and now Silk®, America’s No. 1 plant-based beverage brand2, is celebrating its new status as the “Greatest Oatmilk of All Time” in a G.O.A.T.-filled campaign featuring a range of category-defining legends.   

In just two years, oatmilk has risen from newcomer in the plant-based space to one of the most frequently purchased plant-based beverages—seeing triple digit growth in 20203. Silk has been putting in the work for more than 25 years, striving to make the best-tasting plant-based beverages, and now they’ve made the best-tasting original oatmilk out there.  

Being the best means being recognized by the best, which is why Silk has partnered with the greatest in their own fields—from chefs to cheerleaders and movie stars—to welcome Silk Oatmilk to the club. Fellow G.O.A.T.s are raising a glass and sharing their love for this delicious newcomer: 

·         Gordon Ramsay, G.O.A.T. of Yelling in Kitchens: “Well, it took my kids getting on me, but now I really enjoy cooking more plant-based dishes at home and in my restaurants.  Let me tell you, I know greatness when I taste it, and I am loving Silk Oatmilk for both sweet and savory recipes.” 

·         Alicia Silverstone, G.O.A.T of 90s Fashion: “I love cooking and eating, and even fancy myself quite the foodie; so, I was excited to taste the G.O.A.T of oatmilk. This is amazing! Silk Oatmilk is so rich, creamy, and delicious. I love it in smoothies and my son loves it straight out of a glass.” 

·         Gabi Butler, G.O.A.T. of Cheerleading: “I know the importance of a great squad, and I’m flipping out over Silk Oatmilk! I like to incorporate plant-based options into my routine that don’t sacrifice on taste and texture, and this Silk Oatmilk is smooth and creamy!” 

“The oatmilk segment is hotter than ever, and we had a unique opportunity with Silk Oatmilk to come in strong and beat out the competition with our Original Oatmilk on taste,” said Derek Neeley, Silk vice president. “We put so much time and energy into crafting the best-tasting Original Oatmilk, and we are honored that America—and fellow G.O.A.T.s—agree.”  

In celebration of Silk Oatmilk as the G.O.A.T., Silk invites everyone to declare their G.O.A.T. status; fans can proclaim greatness with Silk’s interactive Facebook and Instagram AR filter that immortalizes their selfie into a marble G.O.A.T. bust.  

More About Silk® Oatmilk  

While G.O.A.T.s are naturals at their craft, so is Silk Oatmilk. Silk plant-based offerings are born from the sun, rain and soil. The land is where it all starts, and Silk Oatmilk also gives back to the land by restoring water to rivers—drop for drop—putting back what’s used to grow its oats.  

Silk Oatmilk is available in multi-serve cartons (MSRP: $3.99 / 64-oz. carton) in Original, Extra Creamy, 0g Sugar and Vanilla, and is sold in the refrigerated section at grocery stores nationwide. To find out where Silk Oatmilk is available near you, visit Silk.com and follow Silk on Twitter and Instagram.  

About Silk® 

Silk was founded on a promise to make the world a healthier place. As a steward of the environment, we believe that plant-based foods are the best way to nourish people and the planet. Today we offer a broad portfolio of great-tasting plant-based options, including soymilk, almondmilk, cashewmilk, coconutmilk, oatmilk, dairy-free coffee creamers, and dairy-free yogurt alternatives. The entire Silk plant-based portfolio is verified by the Non-GMO Project, and we also offer Silk almondmilk and Silk soymilk in organic options. Connect with Silk online at Silk.com and @Silk. Since 2009, Silk has been committed to water conservation and restoration. Because we believe that nature shouldn’t go thirsty, and neither should you. For more information, visit Silk.com/about-us/sustainability

About Danone North America 

Danone North America is a purpose-driven company and an industry leader in the food and beverage category. As a Certified B Corporation®, Danone North America is committed to the creation of both economic and social value, while nurturing natural ecosystems through sustainable agriculture. Our strong portfolio of brands includes: Activia®, DanActive®, Danimals®, Dannon®, evian®, Happy Family® Organics, Honest to Goodness™, Horizon® Organic, International Delight®, Light + Fit®, Oikos®, Silk®, So Delicious® Dairy Free, STōK™, Two Good®, Wallaby® Organic and YoCrunch®. With more than 6,000 employees and 14 production locations across the U.S. and Canada, Danone North America’s mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. For more information, visit danonenorthamerica.com. For more information on Danone North America’s B Corp™ status, visit: bcorporation.net/directory/danone-north-america

1 Based on 2021 national taste test 

2 Leading brand based on national sales data 

3 Source: Plant Based Foods Association, April 2021