Tasting: Coconut & Almond Milk Yogurts Have Room For Improvement

A few weeks back, I published a recipe for homemade Greek-style yogurt. The recipe is simple, and the results are healthy, as far as I’m concerned. But some readers have pointed out that dairy-free yogurt can be a healthier option, and it is the only yogurt choice for those with animal milk-related allergies.

Before taking a stab at making my own dairy-free yogurt, I wanted to explore the options available at Bay Area grocery stores. Soy milk yogurt has been around for quite awhile, and I’ve never found one that I’ve liked. Today, we have many more options, made primarily from coconut and/or almond milk. It is these yogurts that I set out to taste. Five out of the six options are available at large grocery stores like Whole Foods or Berkeley Bowl. The sixth, my favorite, is an artisanal yogurt made in San Francisco, and is only available at Bi-Rite, through Good Eggs, and at a couple of local coffee shops.

But even though I was able to pick a favorite, none of these yogurts really do the original much justice. Almost all of the yogurts had a strange texture, unappetizing color, and/or off flavor. My favorite yogurt only comes in strong floral or herbal flavors, which I also do not find particularly appealing. (Plus it is extraordinarily expensive.)

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