The Greek Gods Introduces Honey-Strawberry Greek Yogurt

SEATTLE – The probiotic and protein-packed Greek Gods Yogurt has just
introduced a brand new flavor, sure to create an even bigger hole in the
grocer’s dairy case: Honey-Strawberry, a full flavored, whole fat yogurt
honoring Europe’s extra thick, creamy style of yogurt.

Available in the 24-ounce serving, look for it alongside other popular Greek
Gods Yogurt flavors, including Pomegranate, Fig, Honey, Vanilla and Plain. Like
its sister flavors, Honey-Strawberry yogurt is hormone-free, high in calcium,
gluten-free (not all flavored yogurts are!) and filled with five live and active
cultures including probiotics. Its suggested retail price is $3.99.

“We’re delighted to bring even more crave-able yogurt flavors to our grocers’
dairy sections,” Basel Nassar said, The Greek Gods managing partner. “Consumers
have told us they are crazy about the Honey flavor; now we’re bringing them more
of a good thing with natural strawberry flavor for the ultimate yogurt

The new Honey-Strawberry Greek Gods Yogurt, like its sister flavors, is
enthusiastically supported by Ana Luque, holistic chef, nutritionist and author
of the breakout book “The Yogurt Diet.” Luque recommends this ultra creamy
yogurt as part of a total lifestyle that will help balance one’s gut flora,
boost metabolism and ultimately, improve the way people look and feel for life.

The Greek Gods Yogurt has gained cult status and a loyal following and is now
available nationwide in better supermarkets. The entire Greek Gods product line
is comprised of Pagoto Ice Krema (made in the Greek tradition with mastic resin)
in Baklava, Honey-Pomegranate and Chocolata Fig flavors; Greek Sour Cream Lebni
(a spreadable kefir cheese-yogurt) used as sour cream and cream cheese; and its
popular Greek Gods Yogurt, which comes in 6-ounce individual packages (one
nonfat and five whole fat varieties) and in 24-ounce family packs.

Nutritional information is available online and emailed by request. Learn more
at .


The Greek Gods