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LONDON — Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest list blog on the top dairy industry trends for 2018.

The actual and perceived benefits of dairy food products in the minds of customers have given rise to the growing consumer inclination towards dairy industry products. Due to this, companies in the dairy industry are changing their product offerings to strike a chord with the consumers. Furthermore, the rising awareness of the health benefits of dairy products is also playing a major role in spiking the profits of companies in the dairy industry.

“The dairy industry is likely to face flak from vegans and others who seek to cut down on dairy products consumption,” says an industry expert from Infiniti.

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Top dairy industry trends 2018:

  • Environment-friendly nutrition: Today, companies in the dairy industry are focusing heavily on providing sustainable nutrition to people, which involves healthy food produced in an environment-friendly manner. This practice is essential in accelerating progress towards a sustainable food system.
  • Clean label products: ‘Clean’ is the new ‘supreme’ as far as the dairy industry is concerned. The use of clean label products which do not contain any additives, artificial preservatives, or chemicals has become highly popular in the dairy industry. This practice will help companies in the dairy industry to increase consumer trust and mitigate brand risk. To know more about what we offer, speak to an expert
  • Transparency and advanced technology: Modern consumers are increasingly demanding a high level of transparency from companies in the dairy industry. Customers want access to everything from the sourcing policies and product nutritional information to the human rights policies. Also, technologies such as sensors, data analytics, and digital technology are empowering dairy companies to employ data to facilitate better decision-making.
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Infiniti Research is a global market intelligence company offering strategic insights to help look beyond market disruptions, study competitive activity, and develop intelligent business strategies. Listed below are the top dairy industry trends for 2018.

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