Treeline Cheese Launches Cashew Cream Cheese Single-Serve Snack Packs

Treeline cheesemakers, leading plant-based innovators and producers of non-dairy cheeses, announce that their top-rated plain Cashew Cream Cheese (named “best vegan cheese” by Tasting Table- is now available in convenient single-serving snack packs.

Treeline snack packs come in six-count boxes, allowing you to take only what you need and save the rest for later. The long shelf life of the individual packs also makes them ideal for food service establishments that need a convenient and low-cost way to offer a vegan (and kosher parve) option.

“Keep a box of our snack packs in your fridge and you will always have fresh Treeline Cashew Cheese at your fingertips,” says Treeline CEO Michael Schwarz. “Our snack packs are perfect to take to work, for a one-off bagel and (vegan) cream cheese, or a secret late-night snack!  If you run a bagel shop or deli, having a few boxes on hand means you will never have to disappoint vegan customers.”

Offering convenience and portion control, single-serving packs are on trend, and are already widely used for guacamole and hummus as well as dairy cheese. Treeline plans to package a variety of their Cashew Cream Cheeses in the snack pack format (chive & onion, strawberry, and everything bagel seasoning). There are also plans to offer higher count boxes for food service and to extend the line to Treeline’s signature French-Style Cashew Cheeses.

All Treeline non-dairy cheeses offer a unique combination of great flavor, clean ingredients, generous protein, and low saturated fat – which is quite rare in current plant-based offerings.

Treeline’s snack pack boxes are available through Purple Carrot and on Treeline’s website. They will be rolled out to select stores and food service distributors later this year.

About Treeline

Treeline is a leading manufacturer of vegan cheeses. Its products can be found in stores nationwide, including Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, Giant, Stop & Shop, Wegmans, Natural Grocers, and many independents. All Treeline products are made from cashews and are naturally fermented. Treeline is based in New York’s Hudson Valley region.