Trickling Springs Creamery Owners Accused of Bilking Investors of Nearly $ 8M

The owners of Trickling Springs Creamery, which is set to close Saturday, are facing allegations that they bilked nearly $8 million from investors across the country. 

The Department of Banking and Securities filed paperwork last November, ordering the company to respond to charges that four owners were involved in a scheme that resulted in the sale of promissory notes to at least 110 investors, without disclosing pertinent financial information and ultimately failing to pay the investors their proceeds in the end. 

Public Opinion learned of the investigation after the document was posted by a person in the comments of the Facebook post last Thursday in which Trickling Springs announced its imminent closure. The company – which buys milk from 32 family farms to make products that it sells in stores up and down the East Coast – shut down its production the next day, and its retail store on Molly Pitcher Highway south of Chambersburg will close at 4 p.m. this Saturday. 

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