Urschel Introduces New Model CC-DL Cheese Shredder

Valparaiso, IN — The new Urschel Model CC-DL Cheese Shredder offers the same dependable, overall operating principle as the industry standard Model CC-D, but with a larger 32 inch cutting zone enclosure. The larger enclosure promotes a smoother product flow with a larger discharge area, so higher capacities are achieved, and product build-up issues are diminished. The current CC-D enclosure measures approximately 22.8 inches in diameter. The new Model CC-DL comes standard with a powerful 10 horsepower motor and swing-away feed hopper to simplify cutting head changeovers.

“The CC-DL Shredder offers many positive features, Urschel is pleased to be able to build on the existing brand. While we are proud to introduce this new machine, Urschel is also selling part kits to our present CC-D customers. These kits allow customers to increase the diameter of their CC-D cutting zone enclosure for greater efficiency. These new developments present opportunities to our customers looking into new equipment, as well as adding more flexibility for existing Urschel CC-D owners,” stated Tim O'Brien, vice president of sales at Urschel.

The CC-DL Cheese Shredder features easily interchangeable cutting heads enabling switchover of heads in a matter of minutes. The versatile machine offers a wide variety of slices, shreds, newly available grating options, and strip cuts. Specially designed knives are inexpensive to replace and do not require sharpening.

About Urschel

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Source: Urschel