Vermont Creamery Debuts High Fat Cultured Sour Cream in Northeast Supermarkets Sept. 2021 Waking Up Sleepy Sour Cream Category

WEBSTERVILLE, Vt. — Vermont Creamery, known for its consciously crafted line of fresh and aged goat cheeses, cultured butter, and culinary creams, today introduced the brand’s first Cultured Sour Cream, rolling out in dairy cases throughout the Northeast region starting Sept. 2021. Two distinct, nuanced flavors sit alongside a crème-style classic sour cream, waking up a sleepy category that has not been known for its variety. Flavors include Zesty Cilantro Lime, Savory Fire Roasted Onion & Chive and Crème-Style Classic. The new products will be in Hannaford and Walmart in September and at Stop & Shop and Market Basket in October.

“Dining habits have shifted over the past year with many consumers rediscovering the joy of cooking at home,” said Adeline Druart, president of Vermont Creamery. “Cooking devotees and even those dabbling in the culinary world for the first time continue to show an increased desire for new experiences, with many looking to rich, indulgent tastes right from their kitchen. Our cultured sour cream refreshes a classic staple and delivers a sense of surprise and delight. Our sour creams are made with 22% milkfat – as compared to 18% in regular sour cream – for a luxuriously thick texture and differentiated flavors that deliver an elevated experience.”

Vermont Creamery’s culinary professionals were intent on developing flavors that would greatly enhance consumers’ experience beyond a mellow dip, leaning into robust condiments and high-quality standalone ingredients to fill the gap. Taking inspiration from slow smoking, charcoal cookery, and fire roasting with different woods and preparations, the team developed hundreds of flavor concepts before narrowing the field. The team tested the best concepts on a variety of foods and selected two finalists.

The new flavors complement Latin-inspired food and potatoes. Specifically, Cilantro Lime is an ideal pairing for spicy dishes, delivering a cool and refreshing counterpoint to the heat in tacos, chili, and cheesy quesadillas with hot sauce. It may be used as a topping or as a base to build a dipping sidekick for favorite dishes. Fire Roasted Onion & Chive embodies a savory sweetness with smokey and roasted notes that is the perfect partner to loaded potatoes, crinkle chips, chilis and stews. The crème-style classic is anything but plain, with a rich, velvety texture, cultured notes, and just the right amount of tang for pairing with traditional favorites.

“We know today’s consumers want a product they can believe in from a company they feel good about,” shared Kate Paine, director of marketing. “Our sour cream meets our own high standards for consciously crafted dairy, made with simple ingredients, time and culinary creativity. We want to give people the opportunity to finally love a sour cream worth loving.”

Reinforcing its mission to honor the community that it serves, Vermont Creamery Cultured Sour Cream is consciously crafted in the rolling green hills of central Vermont with fresh milk and the passion of its dedicated employees, called “Bettermakers.” The company has been B Corp certified since 2014 and is dedicated to Business for Good. This past June, Vermont Creamery was ranked in the top 10% of most purposeful brands, according to the 2021 Purpose Power Index.

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