Vermont Creamery Releases New 82% Cultured Butter Nationwide

Websterville, Vermont – Vermont Creamery, the mission-driven makers of consciously-crafted delicious dairy, is headed to market with their new cultured butter, now available in grocery stores nationwide.

Made in Websterville with fresh, high-quality cream from Vermont family farms, the new 82% butterfat cultured butter is now available in half-pound, two-stick packs in Sea Salt and Unsalted varieties. Packaged in 100 percent recycled cartons, Vermont Creamery’s new Cultured Butter is now on shelves for $3.99 SRP.

“In the twenty years since we made our first batch, we’ve earned a reputation amongst chefs and retailers for the highest quality cultured butter,” said Adeline Druart, president of Vermont Creamery. “Today, we get to make good on our promise to bring deliciously cultured butter nationwide—right in the dairy case, where home cooks across the country can discover the difference culture can make.”

Our expert butter makers carefully add live bacterial cultures to fresh Vermont Cream. The cream ferments overnight; by morning, it’s thickened, and wonderful notes of buttermilk and hazelnuts have developed. The cream is then churned to 82 percent butterfat for a rich, creamy texture.

Perfect on its own, slathered on bread or spread on pancakes, Vermont Creamery’s new Cultured Butter is also ideal for baking. High butterfat means a lot for the home cook; create flakier pie crusts or achieve a great sear on a steak, thanks to its higher smoke point and lower moisture content.

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About Vermont Creamery:

Crafted in Vermont’s green mountains, Vermont Creamery’s line of fresh and aged goat cheeses, cultured butter, and crème fraîche have won hundreds of national and international awards. In their 35th year of business, Vermont Creamery supports a network of family farms, promoting sustainable agriculture in the region. B Corp Certified in 2014, Vermont Creamery is committed to using business as a force for good, and has been ranked one of “The Best Places to Work in Vermont,” by Vermont Business Magazine. Vermont Creamery is a subsidiary of Minnesota-based Land O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s premier agribusiness and food companies. For more information, visit