Violife® Dares Canadians to Go Dairy-Free, with a Money Back Guarantee

TORONTO – Upfield’s Violife® today announced its Dairy-Free Dare campaign that boldly challenges Canadians to swap out dairy cheese for Violife 100% vegan cheese alternative. The Dairy-FreeDare kicks off the holiday entertaining season with cheesy dairy free recipes, in-store promotions, select restaurant menu creations, and a money back guarantee. The Dairy-Free Dare money back guarantee covers purchases of Violife made between October 1, 2021,and February 28, 2022.  See details at

“We’re so confident that consumers will love the cheesy taste and ooey-gooey meltiness of Violife’s dairy free cheeses that we’re offering a full refund of the purchase price (sales tax excluded) if you’re not satisfied,” said Meryem Leyoussi, Brand Manager, Violife, Upfield Canada. “As more Canadians are looking for tasty, dairyfree alternatives to snack on, cook with, serve, and simply enjoy, Violife is an easy way to indulge in the cheesy experience without the dairy and without sacrificing taste and performance, Today’s plant-based foods, like Violife, not only taste great but are better for our planet too.”

Legendary Chef Matty Matheson has come on board for Violife’s Dairy-Free Dare to inspire Canadians to join the challenge. Through a video release via social media, Matheson engages followers with his signature comedic style to try Violife, including as part of a vegan Baked Feta Pasta.  [Refer to Matty Matheson’s Dairy-Free Dare Instagram post here:

As more and more Canadians are eating plant-based foods for health, dietary, sustainability and ethical reasons, brands like Violife are leading the way to a better plant-based future. Upfield is hosting a youth-focused panel discussion about why a shift to more plant-based diets are necessary to curb the climate crisis at COP26, the international climate summit being held in Glasgow supported by the Violife brand.    

Canadians can choose from 13 flavours of Violife in shreds, slices, blocks, and creamy spreads available in grocery and natural food stores nationwide. Violife is free from dairy, soy, nuts, preservatives and gluten, and ingredients are non-GMO. Products include:  

  • Shreds – Cheddar Style, Mozzarella Style, and Tex-Mex Style
  • Slices – Cheddar Style, Mature Cheddar Style, and Smoked Flavour Provolone Style
  • Cream Cheese Alternative – Creamy Original, and Creamy with Chives
  • Wedge – Parmesan Style
  • Block – EPIC SMOKED Cheddar Style, EPIC MATURE Cheddar Style, Feta Style, and Mediterranean “Grill Me” Style

The current suggested retail product price for Violife 100% Vegan cheese alternative products ranges from Cdn $5.79 to Cdn $6.99 per package. Refer to for locations. 

At Upfield, our purpose is to make people healthier and happier with delicious and nutritious plant-based foods that are better for the planet. Upfield is the leading producer of plant-based spreads in the U.S., with iconic brands such as Country Crock®, Country Crock® Plant Butter, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!®, Flora™, and Imperial®; and plant-based margarines in Canada with brands such as Becel®, Becel® Plant-Based Bricks, and Imperial®. Upfield introduced its vegan cheese, Violife® 100% vegan in 2020 following its acquisition of Arivia. For more information about how Upfield is helping to create a “Better Plant-based Future”, visit