Who Says Cheese Causes Nightmares?

When the British Cheese Board issued their 2005 study about the effect of cheese
on sleep, who knew we’d snooze better after a snack on a slice of Cheddar or Stilton?

The study explored how cheese influences sleep and dreaming, and found that the
impact of cheese
on sleep was positive with regard to dreaming, rather than negative, which some
believe happens
when we sleep right after eating a meal.

Just in case you’ve never had one, a nightmare is also known as a “bad dream.”
You know, the
dreams that rattle you out of your sleep with fear or horror and you can’t get
back to the zzz’s for
some time. Maybe it’s stress or post-traumatic experiences (believe me, I’ve had
them) that hurl your
sleep into hell. Hmmm, it can’t be there’s anything going in the world right now
that might induce

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