Whole Foods To Feature Persillé du Beaujolais Cheese With Beaujolais Promo

WHAT: To celebrate the holidays, Whole Foods Market will be offering this years much anticipated first harvest of the vintage of Georges DuBufs festive Beaujolais Nouveau in this new label designed exclusively for Whole Foods Market.

Made from hand-picked Gamay grapes from the Beaujolais region of France, this lively, versatile red is a perfect complement to all varieties of holiday fare. Beaujolais Nouveaus whole berry fermentation processing keeps the flavor light, smooth and fruity.

To pair with this classic holiday wine, Whole Foods Market will feature Persill du Beaujolais an incredible, soft blue cows milk cheese produced in limited quantity by a small, artisanal dairy in the Rhne Alps. Aged by the renowned affineur Herv Mons, this blue is a welcome guest at any holiday party and is especially delightful with cranberry condiments.

WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009 By tradition, Beaujolais Nouveau is released to the public the third Thursday of November and will be available to Whole Foods Market shoppers the same day.

WHERE: All Whole Foods Market stores that carry wine in the U.S.

WHY: Beaujolais Nouveau is at its peak flavor when fresh from the harvest and, like the holiday season, it comes but once-a-year. Like our Nouveau, Whole Foods Market offers the best quality, complementary wines available just in time for the holiday feast so that customers can get the most out of this years festive gatherings.

Source:Whole Foods