Wisconsin Cheese Premieres Cheese Cupid Cinema

Madison, WI – Even the small victories deserve to be celebrated. Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board introduces Cheese Cupid Cinema – ten 30-second movies that highlight life's comedic triumphs, celebrated with Wisconsin Cheese and a well-paired drink. As a new feature to CheeseCupid.com, Wisconsin Cheese's official cheese and beverage pairing site, these ten bite-sized films present a lighthearted look at love, life and cheese.

In "The Party Planner," a hostess redeems herself after last year's appetizer flop with a winning pairing of Merlot and Wisconsin Havarti. In "The In-Laws," a husband makes the most of an unexpected visit with Wisconsin Blue and whiskeys all around. And there's more of situations we can all relate to, made easier with a soothing beverage-Wisconsin Cheese pairing.

Cheese Cupid continues to expand its popular cheese and beverage pairing tool with these empathetic vignettes of modern life. Whether your drink of choice is a Chardonnay, stout beer or Scotch, you'll find the perfect Wisconsin Cheese match.

For more information about Wisconsin Cheese, visit www.EatWisconsinCheese.com.

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, a nonprofit organization funded by the state's dairy farmers, promotes the consumption of Wisconsin Cheese and other dairy products.

Source: The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board