Yoplait joins Styrenics Circular Solutions

BRUSSELS — Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS), the value chain initiative to realise the circular economy for styrenic polymers, welcomed Yoplait, a leading dairy brand owner, as a new member.

Yoplait, one of the worldwide leaders in the yoghurt market, was originally established in France in 1965 as a group of six dairy cooperatives. The company has a strong commitment to sustainability, with a roadmap towards achieving their target that all their European packaging will be reusable or recyclable by 2025.

Jens Kathmann, Secretary-General of SCS, said: “We warmly welcome Yoplait to SCS. They have a long-standing commitment to the circular economy, including their great work with SCS members Intraplás and Trinseo in providing yoghurt pots made from certified recycled polystyrene (PS) to the French market since 2021. For SCS, the addition of this major brand-owner to our team is a big step forward, broadening and deepening our value chain alliance. We trust they are the first of many brand-owners and indeed retailers that will join us in bringing circular PS to the market”.

Florian Trohay, CSR & sustainability manager of Yoplait, commented: “We are delighted to join SCS. To be successful in our shared mission for a circular economy requires cooperation between partners all along the value chain and this seemed the perfect moment for us as a brand-owner to join the alliance. We actively support the rise of the polystyrene recycling infrastructure. Recycled PS delivers sustainable packaging for our consumers, offering food-safe protective containers that combine recyclability and low carbon footprint with the unique performance properties of PS, such as the easy separation and storage of multipack yoghurt pots.”

About Styrenics Circular Solutions

Styrenics Circular Solutions is the value chain initiative to realise the circular economy for styrenics. The initiative engages the entire value chain in the development and industrialisation of new recycling technologies and solutions. It aims to strengthen the sustainability of styrenic products while improving resource efficiency within the circular economy.

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