100 Makers Offer Cheese, Salumi And More At Pastoral Artisan Producer Fest

Cheese is the most stolen food in the world. But don’t try to sneak away with the raw milk Miranda by Vulto Creamery. The stinkiness will give you away.

Luckily you can simply sample its deliciousness — with the bloomy absinthe-washed rind around a creamy silken paste — at the Pastoral Artisan Producer Festival, and even meet the maker, Jos Vulto, based in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York, and ask him the poignant story about why the cheese is named after his late wife.

Meet more than 100 artisan makers at the sixth annual event Saturday, April 30, at the Chicago French Market in the West Loop, and sample not only cheese, but charcuterie, confections, beer, wine, spirits and more, made locally and globally. If you like what you try, you can buy it too.

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