6 Types of Goat Cheese Every Fromage Fan Should Know

Goat’s milk is used to make all sorts of cheeses―Gouda, Cheddar, even Brie—broadly known as goat cheese. Goat cheese is the wide term for all cheese made from goat’s milk; compared to standard cheese, generally made with cow’s milk, goat cheese is softer and tangier. It also tends to be slightly higher in fat and minerals than cow cheese, with less lactose (though it’s not exactly a lactose-free cheese), vitamin D, and riboflavin. Like cow cheese, goat cheese has many different types and varieties, depending on how the goat’s milk is prepared.

Look for some of these popular types of goat cheese in gourmet markets and cheese stores or shop online for the perfect goat cheese additions to your cheese platter. If you have questions about a particular type of goat cheese, ask at your local cheese or gourmet foods store or counter.


Aged goat cheeses are usually French, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Often an aged goat cheese will be covered in an edible ash to prevent it from drying out and to keep its surface clean. It may have a fluffy middle and a gooey exterior. Readily available aged goat cheeses include Chevrot, Valencay, and Selles sur Cher.

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