Artisanal Brands Launches Hand Crafted Cave-Aged Cheeses In Missouri

Artisanal Brands, Inc. today announced that it has launched its products, and CheeseClock by Artisanal™, in nine locations in St. Louis, Columbia and Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Starting on the East Coast in November 2009, Artisanal Premium Cheese created the CheeseClock by Artisanal™, — a four-color cheese selection and wine and beer pairing system at retail supermarkets. The CheeseClock by Artisanal™ makes consumers experts in cheese and wine and provides a fool proof way to buy your cheeses and pair them with wines and beers. The 2000s have shown an accelerating increase in the American gourmet market, due in part to rising income, globalization of taste, and health and nutrition concerns as reported in The U.S. Market for Gourmet and Specialty Foods and Beverages.

“The CheeseClock has never been done before and the company is excited to bring its hand crafted cave-aged products to St. Louis, Missouri. The CheeseClock program is now in 24 states. Just 18 months ago it didn’t even exist,” said Daniel W. Dowe, President and Chief Executive Officer of Artisanal. “By simply grabbing different colored boxes that suit your taste – mild, medium, bold or strong – consumers can now recreate a chef-level dining experience right at home.”

Artisanal’s retail program includes handcrafted cheeses with matching bottle hang tags to help consumers pair the right cheese with the right beverage: (mild) Laurier, RockySage, Brilant Savarin, Geit-in-Stad; (medium) Camembert, Pecorino Sardo, Tarraluna, Stella Royale; (bold) Uplands Pleasant Ridge, Artisanal 2-year Cheddar, Tomme Fermiere D’Alsace, Mousseron; (strong) Gouda Aged 4-years, North Country Blue, La Peral, Artisanal Roquefort.

Artisanal offers high quality cheese products made by specialty cheese makers located throughout the US. Artisanal Premium Cheese began in the dining room of a two-star restaurant, Picholine in New York City. With a mission to curate the world's finest cheeses, they select from thousands worldwide to offer more than 200 remarkable, unique, and handcrafted cheeses. In August 2007, Artisanal Brands, Inc. acquired 100% of the then four-year old Artisanal Premium Cheese to create an umbrella brand for artisanal cheeses.
The following Missouri Schnuck Markets are selling Artisanal’s cheese: Richmond Center, Ladue, Arsenal, Butler Hill, Lindbergh, Des Peres, Woods Mill, Columbia and Cape Girardeau.

Artisanal Brands, Inc. markets and distributes a line of specialty, artisanal and farmstead cheese products, as well as other related specialty food products under its own brand to food wholesalers and retailers, as well as directly to consumers through its catalogue and Web site, The Company is based in New York, New York. For more information about Artisanal, visit

Source: Artisanal Brands, Inc.